Integrative Rehabilitation



“I want to give a really big thank you for your support, understanding and compassion. I truly appreciate your guidance through the sessions, it helped me to function better in my daily life. You have a wonderful gift to share with the world" -Suzy Wahba, Tadrous Eye Centre

“Howard Pai is nothing but professional and caring. With his knowledge and experience, I would highly recommend Howard to everyone. He helped me understand my injury and provided me with a range of exercises that keep me motivate to continue on” – Anna Bentz, Inspire Dental Group

"After being in the hospital for 9 months for traumatic brain injury, I was assigned an excellent therapist named Howard, whom my recovery wouldn't be possible without. Not only did he assist me on all aspects of recovery from physiological to mental recovery, but most of all I wouldn't be were I'm today without his guidance" -SHAHAB BAHREMANI, Burnaby

"Mr. Pai is a very skilled clinician who helped me get back to work successfully.  He not only showed me alternate and more effective ways to perform my job duties, he provided recommendations to my employer to help myself and my coworkers stay at work.  He is a very kind and attentive therapist. I would highly recommend his services to everyone" -John B., UBC Vancouver

"Sarah was very patient and professional during our pool therapy sessions.  Because of her, my injuries have improved and I appreciate Howard's team" -Dao Liang, Vancouver

"I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you for being patient with me. Your recommendations have made a huge difference in my life" - Colin M., New Westminster

"Thank you for the services you provided. I really appreciate your time and care" - Estelita Tacla, Vancouver

“Kerri is amazingly awesome! She is professional, caring and motivating. All the exercises she taught me is fit to me as an individual. She gave me all the rational for the excercises to help me understand more. Easy and simple and i can practise at home. I really appreciate all the help from this place! You guys ROCK! “ - Demi Hu, Vancouver

“If I can ever recommend to my patients or anyone else I will. Brenda and Catherine are very nice people and really helped me a lot. I’m able to do stuff on my own now like sitting down without any help or holding on to anything. Howard is a very nice person and sends very nice and patient people who really care to help you. They accommodate whenever things come up and were able to come to my house and help me when I need it and they understand when I get sick or have to work. I am very happy and very grateful. They are number one. “ - Elizabeth Villanueva, Vancouver

"Mr. Howard was very patient and really understood my difficulties.  I have seen many therapists and Mr. Howard is the best.  Many thanks to him and wish him the very best" - A.T., Vancouver

"Howard helped me with my rehabilitation program and helped me get better.  I was motivated and independent after his program.  He recommended everything that was within my capabilities and I was very comfortable around him.  My injuries have been improved and thanks to him, I can move forward with my life" - Marivic B., Vancouver

"Howard Pai helped me through my brain injury recovery and had a positive impact on my physical and psychological well being.  He was very helpful in my rehab and was very punctual.  He was very kind towards me and the people around me.  I would recommend his services to everyone". - Dom Luca, Coquitlam